seeking sincere seekers

Namaste !
As an explorer and student of ancient wisdom and undistorted oriental sciences for over 27 years, i, embodied as arun singh kranti, invite the seekers to embark on a transformative journey with me.

i am a sādhaka, and a humble guide in the realms of Atharva NLP, Vedic Jyotiṣa, Tattva Palmistry, Himālayan Numerology, and the sacred practices of MAE Vidyā and Atharva Saṅkarṣaṇa Kalpa (ASK).

In the tapestry of this exist.ence, where challenges ‘seem to’ loom large and the causal mysteries abound, i offer specific oriental pathways towards unlocking the youniversal ABUNDANCE and becoming capable of ‘resolving almost all of the problems that ONE may seem to face in the experience called LIFE’. Through my practice of the Sanātana Rituals, Mantra Vidyā, Yajña ceremonies, Rudrākṣa Nyāsa, and the transformative powers of scientific remedial Vāstu, i stand ready to empower you towards personal and professional fulfillment.

As a proud nimitta behind the re-discovery of ASAṄKA LIFE and SUPER-CONSCIOUS HEALING, my pur(e)-pose is clear : to awaken the inner TRUE-SELF of the earnest seekers who yearn for genuine trans-formation.

i seek sincere and dedicated individuals who are ready to embrace the power of undistorted oriental sciences in transforming their lives.

Rooted in the timeless philosophies of Bhāratian tradition and the Vedic School of thought, i pray to Mahādevī that my teachings serve as a beacon of light for the individuals from all walks of life. Whether you are a student seeking pure and undistorted knowledge, a parent navigating any sort of complexities, or a corporate executive in search of santulana (balance) and purpose, i try to be pre-sent to inspire and uplift.

The Power of Structural SELF-Perfection, a philosophy that i hold dear to my hṛdaya (heart), has the ability (as per my belief) to enrich every aspect of life.

While keeping this unwavering commitment to growth and SELF-improvement, i offer over 300 modalities, techniques, and methodologies aimed at supporting Total-Transformation in those who truly seek it.

Join me on this sacred journey towards happiness, fulfillment, and success. Let us walk hand-in-hand towards a future filled with purpose and enlightenment. May my humble guidance and support be a source of inspiration as you re-gain your full structural and spiritual powers and embrace the ānanda of the profound teachings of these undistorted oriental vidyās.

booking pro-cess

Dear seeker of the highest truth,

Allow me to guide you through the SELF-disciplined steps to secure your sacred-time slot (appointment) with me for a trans-formative session.

[Please be informed that this exclusive booking service (as given in links above) is reserved for authorized seekers who have been granted permission to seek guidance from me.]

Step 1: Reach out to my students through WhatsApp or text SMS at (+91)8745002121 to express your interest in booking an appointment with me.

Step 2: My students will facilitate a brief 5-7 minute pre-session talk with me at our convenient time. During this conversation, i will delve into the essence of your matter and requirement, discussing my approach and methods to provide you with the clarity and insight you seek.

Step 3: Upon mutual agreement to proceed with our session(s), my students will share an online-form with you. Kindly fill out all the necessary details in the given online-form to ensure a seamless booking process.

Step 4: After submitting the completed form, you will be directed to the booking portal of our website There, you can select an available time-slot for your session and securely make the payment through our online-booking platform. Should you encounter any challenges with the payment process, please reach out to us via WhatsApp for alternative arrangements.

Step 5: Prepare your-SELF for a profound and transformative session with me, Arun Sir, where I will offer you the guidance and support you seek on your journey towards enlightenment and growth.

For further inquiries or assistance, feel free to contact via WhatsApp at (+91)8745002121.

Let us embark together on a path of discovery and empowerment.

~ For my purpose of life “आत्मनो मोक्षार्थं जगद्धिताय च”,
arun singh kranti


Sessions on Offer

  • Online Jyotish Consultation [Basic] [प्रश्नजातकम्]
  • Online Jyotish Consultation [Advanced] [नक्षत्रजातकम्]
  • Online Jyotish Consultation [Ultimate] [फलितजातकम्]
  • Online Oriental Palmistry Consultation [हस्तजातकम्]
  • Online Himalayan Numerology Consultation [अङ्कजातकम्]
  • Online Samudrika Face+Body Reading [प्रत्यङ्गजातकम्]
  • Vastu Consultation [Through Video] [वास्तुमङ्गलम्]
  • Avachaitya Paramā Healing Session [Distance Guided Self-Healing Modality] [स्वस्थितिकरणम्]
  • Online Spiritual Guidance Session [दिव्यसाधनम्]
  • Vedic Laws of Attraction / MAE Vidya / अथर्वा NLP Session [Advanced] [चैत्यकरणम्]
  • Vedic Laws of Attraction / MAE Vidya / अथर्वा NLP Session [Ultimate] [तथास्तुकरणम्]

Disclaimer : Astrology is a traditional method of getting ideas and estimations, and should not be considered as a definitive prediction. The readings are purely a matter of belief and clients must exercise their own discretion in making decisions based on the information provided. We cannot guarantee accuracy or results from our consultations.